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Become a part of the Sonsbeek Exhibition 2016 in the Sonsbeek Park in Arnheim, Netherlands.

For Sonsbeek 2016 KUNSTrePUBLIK aspires to create a juxtaposition of the idyllic beauty of the Sonsbeek park and the current human crisis at the southern borders of Europe by installing a ‚parliament‘ built from the most prominent object and symbol of migration over water: the life vest.

This parliament - referencing to the shape of stars found in the EU flag - is a movable platform open for citizens, refugees, politicians, activists and all those willing to comment constructively on the current situation in Europe.

Parallel to Europe’s celebration of the football championships, we want to celebrate new ideas for our Western society and ask you to state a claim! It has to be short enough, so those football fans, that cannot cheer for the Elftal this year, can bawl it out on your behalf. Our ‘parliament’ becomes a ‘bawliament’ and will allow you to question the current personal and political situation: Is Europe in a crisis of values? How can we practise solidarity? Who can participate? How can we approach inclusion, integration and mutual learning? Let us know and we will transform the best claims to a proper stadium symphony to be heard in the ‚Bawliament of VVest life‘ in Sonsbeek Park.

In 2015 the dutch national soccer team did not qualify for the Eurocup 2016 in Paris, thousands of fans can not bawl for their national team.

In 2015 over one million people have landed on Europe’s shores, fleeing war and persecution.

Many people are still fleeing the wars, some who have entered are not allowed to stay others are waiting on the borders of the European Union.

VVest life is questioning the moment of inclusion and exclusion and wants to serve as a space for celebration of diversity and trigger a debate on EU Identity and spatial politics.

VVEst life is an artwork by KUNSTrePUBLIK (Matthias Einhoff, Philip Horst, Harry Sachs) invited by runagrupa Produced for Sonsbeek 2016 We thank all the people who have helped making this piece possible!
    Berlin Team
  • Thanks to the whole ZK/U team!
    Tent production:
  • Daniela Maria Hirsch
  • Daniela Lehmann Carrasco
  • René Kuschmann
  • Magnus Werner
  • Franziska Bauer
  • Susanne Schröder
  • Melanie Garland
  • David Fiebig
  • Bassam
    Chair production:
  • Manuel Grosskopf
  • Sifis Lykakis
  • Michael Schuster
  • Thomas Göldner
  • Nicole Zahner
    Lyrics und Choir:
  • Vredeber Albrecht
  • Nils Heemskerk
  • Vincent Heemskerk
  • Dörte Fischer
  • Lena Knäpper
  • Kathrin Niemann
  • Sanne Oorthuizen
  • Gerard Schoren & the Volver Choir
    Arnhem Team
  • Thanks to the whole Sonsbeek team!
    Production at site:
  • Alexander Godschalk
  • Ewoud Groenendijk
  • Martin ter Schure
  • Marko Meijer
  • Bart Nijboer
  • Bart Verburg
  • Bram van Leeuwenstein
  • David Keus
  • Rene van Oudenhoven
  • Rob Kaptein
  • Matthias Peuser and the catering team for the good food!
    Lesbos Team
  • Sebastian Jülemann
  • Maria Gross
  • Kathrin Schmidt
  • +
  • Jai Mexis
  • Nicolás Concha
An artwork by:
KunstRepublik_LOGO ZKU_LOGO
Invited by:
ruru_LOGO sonsbeek_LOGO